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Secret Suncatcher



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"Serena" is a tribute to timeless elegance and the enduring spirit of Sailor Moon. It embodies the grace and strength of a hero who fights for love and justice. At its heart, "Serena" is adorned with sun-catching chandelier crystals that glisten and dance like the moonlight on water. Quartz beads, known for their cleansing and amplifying properties, are intertwined with the design, infusing "Serena" with an aura of purity and clarity. And as a crowning jewel, a dual-pointed polished rose quartz crystal graces the piece, symbolizing love and compassion. It's a testament to the enduring power of inner strength and the beauty of the moonlit night.
  • Height: 22.5” - 23” (includes hanging chain)
  • Width: 3”
  • Crystal Gemstone: 1-2”

Every product is handcrafted. Wire wrapping and crystal gemstone elements may vary from photos and videos.

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