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Secret Suncatcher



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Rhea, named after the goddess of flow and ease and linked to forestry and earth, is one of our larger pieces that contain our large 4-5” crystal towers.   Draped around Rhea are uniquely designed sun catchers, each a work of art in itself. They dance and shimmer, capturing the essence of sunlight filtering through the lush canopy of a forest. Hang Rhea in your space, and you invite the symphony of nature's elegance into your life. It's more than a sun catcher; it's a reminder that true beauty flows with ease, just as the rivers of the Earth.

Rhea is a loved piece and includes a green agate slab point for protection and balance.

  • Height: 22.5” - 23” (includes hanging chain)
  • Width: 3”
  • Crystal Tower: 4-5”
  • Includes air plant

Gemstone Properties:

Aventurine: prosperity, abundance and confidence
Angel Aura: spiritual connection, emotional healing and radiant energy
Green Fluorite: focus and stress reducing


Every product is handcrafted. Wire wrapping and crystal gemstone elements may vary from photos and videos.

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Just what my girlfriend wanted! Perfect holiday gift. Well made